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About Us
About Us
AZ Markets is a team of professionals with extensive international experience in fintech and trading technologies. We provide our traders with a highest quality service and personal approach to each trader. Direct communication is our top priority. We always strive listen to our traders and to improve the services we provide.
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AZ Markets offers quick and easy access to financial markets. Whether it's Forex, Stocks, CFDs or Crypto Currencies, we've got you covered. For those who are used to crypto trading the Forex or stock market may seem a bit complicated. In this case, you can start with familiar digital money: AZMX platform contains 100+ cryptocurrency pairs. Over time, you can try other markets besides the crypto one and appreciate all the advantages of 500+ instruments allowing to trade on Crypto, Stock, Metals, Commodity, CFD and Forex markets.

AZ Markets offers MetaTrader’s MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. MetaTrader is a superstar in the world of trading. It offers the most sought after electronic trading terminals used by millions of professionals around the globe. Interesting fact: many traders are still using MT4 out of habit, rather than the newer MT5. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to download both (customers can do this in their personal area on azmx.com).

Bountiful loyalty program for introducing brokers. Our partners get $22 for each lot their referrals make (so, don’t waste time — register, get a referral link and invite your friends).
Our team
Our team. This is the main value and the main asset of the company. People dream — and move dreams forward, turning them into reality. People plan — and implement. People strive — and achieve. From Customer Service to Developers, our team members are experienced professionals, passionate experts in their fields.
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Friends, our games requires more modern browsers. We support Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera and do not forget to install Metamask extension to interact with Blockchain.