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The safety of the Customer's personal data reception and storage is the most important element of AZMX operational activity. Strict security measures used in internal informational environment, modern technologies of data storage and processing, as well as regulated operational control allow AZMX to guarantee a high level of protection of the Customer's confidential information.
All operations associated with confidentiality (payments, filling out of forms in the Personal Area, change of personal information, etc.) are carried out exceptionally through a trusted connection. Special attention is paid to the issues of the safety of payment operations. AZMX does not collect or store the details of its Customers' debit/credit cards. In order to refill a trading account with the help of credit cards, the Customer will be directed to the website of a processing center.
The confidentiality policy is an integral part of AZMX's internal procedures and is designed to implement the main principles of the Customer's informational safety - safety and integrity of the personal information. The operational aspects of this policy do not require that the Customer provide any other information except that already provided to AZMX in the process of registration of the "Client cabinet" or in the context of the Customer agreement.
Upon completion of the registration form on AZMX's website, the Customer gives consent to processing of his personal information, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, retrieval, use, transmission, depersonalization, blocking, removal and deleting of any information.In order to open a trading or a training account, the Customer will have to enter his personal information in the process of registration. Further, processing of this information will give an opportunity not only to understand the Customer's requirements, but also to create his investment profile that will allow, in the future, to generate individual offers with regard to products and services that may be of interest to the Customer. Moreover, personal data that AZMX gathers about the Customer allows AZMX to ameliorate the quality of resolving issues that may arise and will increase the level of Customer services.
The Customer's personal information includes the following:
1. Personal information that the Customer indicates in application forms and other forms in the course of opening a trading account. Full name, personal mobile phone number, residence address, date of birth, passport details, personal insurance policy number, number of policy of obligatory medical insurance, occupation, and position.
2. Information regarding financial status, Customer's investment experience.
3. Documents required for Customer's identification: passport, document that confirms his residential address (public facilities payment bills and/or bank statement).
4. Documents that confirm transfer of monetary assets by the Customer: payment orders, bank statements, copies of plastic card, etc.
Security Technologies

AZMX uses advanced technology for Secure Socket Layer connections (SSL) to protect the data you share with us. HTTPS/SSL Technology provides reliable data protection from interception by third parties. We are constantly improving our security technologies to prevent intrusions into the system.
3rd Parties

In order to process payment orders and trading orders received from the Customer, AZMX has the right to pass Customer's identification information to affiliated companies, paying agents, auditors, or other authorized organizations and persons. AZMX guarantees compliance with all the required measures for protection of confidential information by authorized persons who are also responsible for safe storage of the Customer's personal information. AZMX has the right to provide confidential information regarding the Customer to third parties only in case of an official inquiry from administrative and/or judicial bodies.
Legal notice

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of this Privacy Policy by posting updates and/or amendments and/or alterations to our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. If you continue to use and/or access the website following the posting of any changes, this automatically constitutes acceptance of those changes. In the event you disagree with any amendment and/or alteration and/or update you shall immediately terminate the use of our website. We are not responsible for the content of external websites operated by third parties.

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